Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute (SITRI)  is a new kind of international innovation center, focused on globally accelerating the innovation and commercialization of “More than Moore” (MtM) technologies to power the Internet of Things (IoT).

We offer the resources, support and services for the whole product life cycle of innovation – from commercialization of new technologies, to engineering complete products and systems, to engaging with the supply chain, customers and partners internationally. With SITRI and SITRI’s global innovation network, you get access to the industry’s best resources and an efficient and effective path to success.

SITRI has expertise drawn from across the industry in key technology areas, resources, and industry related services with a global network of SITRI offices and talent. This is augmented by SITRI’s extensive partnerships and industry associations across the university, research, supply chain, and OEM sectors, and acts as the hub for efficient global development of the IoT and MtM markets.

SITRI Core Values

SITRI provides an integrated approach toward development and commercialization of new “More than Moore” solutions. It does this by partnering across the industry, by building world class R&D and integration teams in the world’s major industry centers, by working with strategic investors to seed and sustain entrepreneurs through the early stages of development, and through strong support from local industries, to establish and launch new companies into the exploding China market.

SITRI is a trusted, professional partner that can work with you from inception to market launch, including expert supply chain support, IP licensing and guidance, process development and integration support, foundry and back-end support, analytical and characterization services, and access to one of China’s leading market intelligence services.

SITRI is built on five pillars to enable rapid innovation in the “More than Moore” space.

1. State-of-the-Art Facilities (8” line): SITRI’s 8” “More than Moore” R&D fab is a 5000m2 fab near SITRI’s Shanghai headquarters designed to support the development and integration of new processes, materials and structures. Using this in-house facility and SITRI’s foundry partner network, we can support full integration needs directly to meet commercial volume requirements.

2. Funding: Working with SITRI’s own early stage funds as well as other development, investment and industry sources, we provide the critical early stage support until the new venture can attract institutional investment interest.

3. Design and Engineering Services: SITRI offers IP, engineering, design support and full turnkey design service in a wide range of technologies and applications. SITRI is a resource not just for new materials and processes, but for IC, system and package integration, and complete IoT systems solution design as well. SITRI’s engineering services also include full patent and device analysis and research services, and provides expert guidance for IP licensing, protection and negotiation.

4. Supply Chain and Ecosystem: Leveraging a central role in the electronics industrial base, SITRI works across the supply chain to address materials, fab, process, package, test and industrial design needs. SITRI provides complete development and backend support including device analytics, characterization and test. SITRI’s Market Research department provides expert research on all aspects of China’s IoT and sensors markets, and collaborates worldwide for comprehensive understanding of rapidly emerging markets.

5. Market Access: SITRI’s presence in all major markets and strong support of industry alliances gives SITRI customers access to a broad range of potential customers and partners worldwide. SITRI’s backing within China gives access to broad opportunities for new business, and SITRI plays a key role in defining and driving key industry alliances and standards for the whole More than Moore and IoT industry.


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